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We are excited to advise that the Marina will be open and accessible again as of Saturday, May 22nd. In the interest of safety for all our customers and staff, please abide by public health measures while on the Marina premises at all times. The office will be open on weekends daily from 10am – 3pm and weekdays 9am – 5pm

Posted: Friday May 21 2021 ... [ view article ]

Our new security gate is now in place. Please contact the office on how to obtain your key card!

Posted: Monday Dec 14 2020 ... [ view article ]

Please visit our “Checklist” section to view our up to date Winterizing Checklist. Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, our staff will not be offering the service of waste pump-outs this year. Please ensure to pump out your own vessel in good time prior haul-out. Slip deposits for the 2021 season are due December 1st.

Posted: Friday Aug 28 2020 ... [ view article ]