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Our up to date Winterizing Checklist is now available in the Services/Checklist section. We must have a completed copy returned to the office by September 19th.

Posted: Friday Aug 26 2022 ... [ view article ]

Depending on conditions our anticipated spring launch date is Tuesday, April 19th. Please remember to complete and return your commissioning checklist prior.

Posted: Wednesday Mar 30 2022 ... [ view article ]

Wishing all our customers, family and friends the most fabulous Christmas and New Year!

Posted: Monday Dec 20 2021 ... [ view article ]

Please be aware that we are now on winter operating hours and closed at weekends. We are still here for you Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Posted: Friday Oct 29 2021 ... [ view article ]

Our new security gate is now in place. Please contact the office on how to obtain your key card!

Posted: Monday Dec 14 2020 ... [ view article ]

Please visit our “Checklist” section to view our up to date Winterizing Checklist. Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, our staff will not be offering the service of waste pump-outs this year. Please ensure to pump out your own vessel in good time prior haul-out. Slip deposits for the 2021 season are due December 1st.

Posted: Friday Aug 28 2020 ... [ view article ]